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A MASSIVE moggy — which weighed three times more than normal cats and loved tucking into roast dinners and cakes — is now hooked on watching The Great British Bake Off.
Tiger, who weighed almost 30lbs at his heaviest — that’s more than two stone and three times the ideal 8-10lb weight of a moggy — was fed roast beef dinners, cakes and pancakes by his elderly owner.
Tiger, nicknamed Huggy Bear by staff at the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green, north west London, has now lost more than half his weight, it can be revealed this week.
Bosses at the animal home said that when the tabby was rescued in 2013 he was so fat he struggled to breathe and was ‘at death’s door’ and that he was ‘being bullied by other cats’ despite his great size.
They said that Tiger ‘hated’ his new diet so much that he made a beeline for the TV when The Great British Bake Off came on and sat watching and drooling at the cakes on show.


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